Advanced Contracting Solutions, LLC is Spray Foam Insulating company owned by Jeremiah Jordahl that is based out of Madison, SD. ACS provides services to residents of the city of Sioux Falls, Eastern South Dakota, SW Minnesota and NW Iowa areas. ACS's mission is to bring our customers quality state of the art products at a affordable pricing that will provide energy savings year after year.ACS wants all of its customers to get high quality products with great service that will sustain the test of time. ACS and its employees know how important it is to use high quality yet affordable products to ensure the highest level of integrity and customer satisfaction. As the building industry continuously changes and it's seen huge evolutional strides from break through technological advancements ACS has established relationships and aligned itself with several companies/vendors that remain committed to providing the highest Rquality products.

Burtin Laboratories provide cutting edge Spray Foam Insulating technologies.

Our continued devotion is to supply state of the art high quality affordable products like we have stated above we will continue to seek out and build strong relationships to bring great quality products and services to our valued customers! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns - Jeremiah Jordahl, owner


ACS specializes in residential and light commercial spray foam insulating, concrete, and general construction.

Spray Foam Insulation

     For many decades, the material of choice to insulate homes has been fiberglass. Fiberglass batts are used for wall cavities, and ceilings.. Today there are state of the art insulating materials on the market making your home increasingly more efficient over the use of fiberglass.

Closed Cell Spray Insulation

     There are two different types of spray foam insulation. Closed cell foam insulation is much denser than open cell. It has a smaller, more compact cell structure. It is a very good air barrier as well as a water vapour barrier. It is often used in roofing projects or other outdoor applications, but can be used anywhere in the home. This is another one of the great insulation services that ACS specializes in. The following video explains some of the benefits in choosing this method of insulation.

Benefits of Spray Foam

  • Significant heating and cooling savings year after year
  • Energy Efficient because it minimizes your HVAC equipment use because of spray foam's air tight qualities
  • Adds resale value to your property
  • Reduces amount of allergens, pollutants, and moisture entering the insulated areas
  • Reduces respiratory distress because it's mildew and mold resistant
  • Reduces air infiltration through cracks and crevices y stopping drafts with air tight seal
  • Minimizes air born noise from external sources
  • Avoid pest and critters nesting
  • Adds significant structural integrity

These immediate and long term benefits of using spray foam are unmatched by any other traditional insulation types currently on the market.

There are two different types of spray foam

  • Open cell foam also known as half pound foam has a density of 0.5 lbs per cubic ft. and hols and R-value of 3.5 per inch. Open cell requires a vapor barrier.

  • Closed cell foam also known as two pound has a density of 2.0 lbs per cubic ft. holds an R-value 6.5 per inch. Closed cell foam has many benefits including allowing users to use smaller framing members while still reaching a much needed high R-value.

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